New expectations for a new era
of healthcare communications
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Planning with a clear view of impact


Leveraging data to predict market response and return


Taking smart risks with targeted innovation


Building a cycle of continuous improvement with actionable analytics

Why is it so critical right now?

Major disrupters in the pharmaceutical industry have put the spotlight on quantifying value and measuring impact. The appetite for innovation and change is strong.  But the tolerance for risk is not.

Business leaders want to understand the return on new investments and target spending to the highest-impact opportunities. They’re driving demand for more accountable, data-driven marketing.

where does it

fit in?

Accountable marketing answers the 5 Critical Questions marketers are asking in 2017:


What ROI can I expect? What does this investment ultimately deliver in sales outcomes or other critical benchmarks?
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2. efficiency

Are there lower cost channels that let me deliver those same sales outcomes? Which channels get the greatest value per dollar spent?
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3. integration

How do I know which tactic ultimately led to customer action? How do the channels work together to move a customer from awareness to trial to loyalty? What combination do I need to amplify impact?
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4. innovation

What should I expect of this new channel or new approach? How much of a risk is it? How can I optimize my investment there?
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5. evaluation

Where am I winning and losing? What parts of my plan are meaningfully affecting KPIs, ROI, and ultimately driving revenue? Which are underperforming?
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Increase revenue and meet business goals with visibility into how each investment will change the market
More accurately predict customer needs and desires by understanding what changes their behavior
Know when to innovate and change to deliver experiences that beat benchmarks and continuously improve


8 out of 10 CMOs indicate that they intend to increase spending on predictive analytics and big data tools.
(Source: The CMO Survey (Feb 2016), MIT Sloan Management Review, Korn Ferry)

This new toolset is set to radically evolve healthcare marketing in just the next 1–2 years.
Our ambition is to give every healthcare marketer the ability to plan with confidence. Confidence that they’ve optimized their communications to meet their specific goal and know exactly what will engage and motivate their potential customers.
We’re approaching this new era of Accountable Marketing with three focused teams and toolsets that will deliver that confidence:

Know where to invest

Leverage a predictive planning tool to integrate multiple data sources to model optimized channel mix and forecast response and return.

Create innovative experiences

Master new channels and new expectations through workshops and co-creation opportunities customized to your brand and plan.

See when to change

Use visual dashboards and analytics experts to track goals against benchmarks and spot opportunities for optimization and improvement.
Learn more about the new era of Accountable Marketing and how inVentiv Health Communications is driving change in our latest report, Data-Driven Expectations
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Managing Director of Innovation
Patrick Richard
Managing Director of Data Science